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Understanding Pica: Our Mission

The National Pica Advisory Service, established in 2023, is dedicated to providing training for organisations and support families affected by pica. We have plans to expand our services with the aim of addressing isolation and other challenges faced by those living with this psychological eating disorder.

Training and Support

We are a team of SEN parents and Practitioners who understand what living with dependants and partners with Pica entails. We understand how isolating a condition this can be and in some instances, why there is a need for trust to engage with support.

We seek to engage with the Pica Community to provide training and support for people who are the Pica Community and the intend to work with other agencies to increase awareness. We aim to raise awareness when interacting with policy makers.

Our team is still growing and we are looking to expand so that there is an accessible support hub in every NHS trust.

We will create a meeting space in each Trust area so that people practising Pica can meet with their peers. We will also provide advocacy services for those in need.

We understand the need for a high level trust buy- in and will enable parents and carers to share their experiences with medical professionals.

Advocacy service will be provided by one of our officers who has a Diploma in law, training will be provided by certified training providers.

We offer specialised training programmes for organisations. We also provide support for families equipping them with the knowledge and tools to support their loved ones with pica. Our support extend beyond training, as we also provide guidance on engagement with government bodies and agencies.

Mitigating Isolation and Achieving Outcomes – Our services aim to reduce the sense of isolation often experienced by individuals with pica and their families. Through our efforts, we have seen substantial outcomes, such as securing suitable accommodation, which contributes to a decrease in pica behaviours within the home.

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