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Welcome to the National Pica Advisory Service
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Welcome to N.P.A.S.

The National Pica Advisory Service is your dedicated partner in addressing pica behaviours. Our consultancy provides training to organisations and support and resources to families, while engaging with governmental and agency bodies to ensure the best outcomes for those affected by this eating disorder.

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Our Services

Fight Pica Together

Discover comprehensive training for organisations and support for families and caregivers to manage and understand pica disorder effectively.

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Awareness & Advocacy

Engaging with government bodies to advocate for policies that support individuals affected by pica.

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Community Support

Reduce isolation by connecting with a supportive network of families and professionals dealing with pica.

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Real Outcomes

Read about how we've helped secure suitable housing and reduced pica behaviours in the home environment.

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In-Depth Training
Raising Awareness

We are dedicated to increasing public knowledge about pica, breaking down stigmas and promoting understanding.

Supporting Families

Providing crucial support and resources to families, helping them navigate the challenges of pica.

Achieving Outcomes

Our focus is on achieving real-world outcomes, like securing better living conditions to minimise pica behaviours.

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